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ARTour – Next stop: Turin!

After the successful events of the past year, JoinPad together with Frontiers of InteractionEpson Italy and Istituto Superiore Mario Boella are announcing the new Augmented Reality for Smart Glasses Workshop destination: Turin.


“What’s Augmented Reality? How is possible to design a good AR app for smart glasses?

A theorical and practical workshop to learn how to project an easy Augmented Reality App for Smart Glasses.”


For more information and for signing up: here

JoinPad signs agreement with Fasthink

JoinPad signs agreement with Fasthink and brings augmented reality to the internet of things (IoT). With this it will be possible to further develop the “context computing” with the implementation of systems able to interpret the role, the geographic location and the needs of an operator to improve the way of working.


Milan, February 17th, 2015 – Thanks to the collaboration of JoinPad and Fasthink it will soon be possible to use innovative “context computing” solutions that, by combining predictive augmented reality algorithms, geolocation services, sensor networks and smart glasses like the Epson Moverio BT-200, will help people to work in a more efficient way, providing them automatically with the necessary information to complete their current task.

As a concrete example: an operator working at the warehouse of a large ecommerce company moves along the aisles in search of products to be shipped. Thanks to the Moverio glasses he is wearing, the application recognizes his exact location and based on tracking of the various sensors located along the route shows on the smart glasses’ display the navigation information about the shortest way and the exact location of the product to be picked and back to the location of deposit.


What we are doing is an important step for the industrial world and will dramatically change the way people work

“With Fasthink we immediately found to have complementary experiences and a common goal – said Mauro Rubin, President of JoinPad and among the leading experts in augmented reality – thus the collaboration is proceeding at high speed and with results above our expectations. What we are doing is an important step for the industrial world and soon will dramatically change the way people work by improving the performance and organization of the processes”.


“Thanks to a decade of experience in integration of RFID technology, NFC, mobile computing, wireless networking and geolocalisation in the industrial field – commented Marco Marella, CEO of Fasthink – we know well of what strategic importance the ability is to optimize processes for identification and logistics in real-time. The collaboration with JoinPad will allow us to quickly get to the objective that we have set. ”


When Augmented Reality meets the Internet of Things

What has happened between JoinPad, the Italian company specialized in the development of augmented reality applications for the industrial world, and Fasthink, who has over ten years of experience in designing, manufacturing and distribution of solutions and components for automatic identification, the traceability and industrial automation. Fasthink is part of Telekom Assist Europe, leader in the Internet of Things, in customized solutions and innovative technologies for data collection and transmission in logistics and transportation of goods in industry, food, pharmaceutics and health.


How does Augmented Reality work?

Augmented reality developed by JoinPad is based e.g. on the use of smart glasses such as the Epson Moverio BT-200, as a model chosen because of their features and functionality (including binocular vision, front camera, gyroscope, GPS, compass and accelerometer) that are perfectly suited to this kind of applications and are able to accurately detect the surrounding environment and the movements of the wearer, who then sees superimposed over what he is actually looking at a series of related information, either chosen by the system or selected by the wearer, depending on the task to be carried out.


JoinPad (

JoinPad is active since 2010 in the field of industrial applications. The company develops and distributes solutions and consultancies targeted at simplifying business processes supplying customers innovative instruments to interact with the industrial environment. In 2011 JoinPad presented in Las Vegas (USA) the world’s first a wearable augmented reality solution based on smart glasses making use of machine vision algorithms for industrial diagnostics and maintenance processes. In 2013 SR LABS, leader in the field of eye tracking integration, entered the company as shareholder, creating one of the most important companies focused on computer vision. The unification of the two companies has allowed to further strengthen global partnerships with companies focused on last generation wearable devices, allowing Joinpad to supply highly competitive products and services based on the latest technologies. 




Media Contact:

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Nicolas Pezzarossa

Tel.: +49  69  34 87 44 67


ARTour – Destination Rome!

After the successful event in Milan and Genoa, JoinPad together with Frontiers of Interaction and Epson Italy are announcing the new  Augmented Reality for Smart Glasses Workshop destination: Rome!


“What’s Augmented Reality? How is possible to design a good AR app for smart glasses?

A theorical and practical workshop to learn how to project an easy Augmented Reality App for Smart Glasses.”


For more information and for signing up: here

To get a travel discount: here

ARTour Genova – Photogallery

Check on our Flickr account the complete photogallery of the workshop “ARTour: Augmented Reality for Smart Glasses” in Genova hold by Frontiers of Interactions in collaboration with JoinPad and Epson Italy.

Click on this link to see the complete reportage.

Reach the new ARTour destination with a discount

Exclusively for the new ARTour destination, Rome, on the 28th of November, we started a partnership with Wanderio, a startup that deals with travel planning: you can have a discount of the 10 % on the trip to attend the workshop, using their services. By entering the code ” ARTourRoma “ at the time of booking on the website you will receive a 10% discount (up to a maximum of 100 € ) .

ARTour Genova – Groups Projects and Tutor Materials

After the ARTour event in Genoa, we collected and published on our Slideshare account all the interesting design projects realized by the class of the “Augmented Reality for Smart Glasses” workshop.

Every group had to imagine the porting of a mobile app on smart glasses and to design the UI and UX of that app. All the projects had their own potential and we were really satisfied of the result.

It’s also possible to consult on the same SlideShare account the presentations realized for the workshop.

The first one, realized by Mauro Rubin, JoinPad’s CTO, is about the Augmented Reality technology. It contains a list of the most interesting case studies of AR updated to 2014. The second presentation was realized by Niccolò Mangiarotti, JoinPad’s AR Development Specialist, about the Epson Moverio BT-200 SDK and how to use it. The third presentation was realized by Agnese Ragucci, one of JoinPad’s Interaction Designers, on how to design a smart interface for smart glasses (Epson Moverio BT-200).


Check anytime all the ideas clicking on this link.

JoinPad at Smart Mobility World 2014


Smart Mobility World is the first European event dedicated to the mobility of XXI century.

It’s sustainable, connected and integrated to offer a complete overview on the following topics: Smart City, Green Mobility and Connected Cars.
The event will take place on 13th and 14th November at the Centro Congressi Lingotto in Turin.
JoinPad attends the event in collaboration with Fasthink about the topic “Wireless Systems and Smart Wireless Pick-to-light glass: new solutions for logistics and maintenance management.”