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Augmented Reality Tour



After the successful event in Milan, JoinPad together with Frontiers of Interaction and Epson Italy are starting a tour to bring the Augmented Reality for Smart Glasses Workshop all around Italy!


“What’s Augmented Reality? How is possible to design a good AR app for smart glasses?

A theorical and practical workshop to learn how to project an easy Augmented Reality App for Smart Glasses.”


Here the first cities of the tour: Genova (7th November), Padova (14th November).

For more information: here

Augmented Reality for Smart Glasses – Group Projects

We collected and published on our Slideshare account all the interesting concept ideas realized by the class of the “Augmented Reality for Smart Glasses” workshop.

All the projects had their own potential and we were really satisfied of the result. Check anytime all the ideas clicking on this link.

Augmented Reality for Smart Glasses – Tutors Material

From now it’s possible to consult on JoinPad’s SlideShare account the two presentations realized for the workshop “Augmented Reality for Smart Glasses”.

The first one, realized by Mauro Rubin, JoinPad’s CTO, is about the Augmented Reality technology. It contains a list of the most interesting case studies of AR updated to 2014.

The second presentation was realized by Agnese Ragucci, one of JoinPad’s Interaction Designers, on how to design a smart interface for smart glasses (Epson Moverio BT-200).

Check all the materials at this link.

New features and plugins for Brainpad platform

From today it’s possible to consult the entire Brainpad‘s new offer of plugins on our website. Brainpad, JoinPad’s main platform, is developed to be fully customized thanks to the combinations of the different features.  The software allows to simplify business processes through enhanced computer vision algorithms (Augmented Reality) for interaction with the environment. Also, Smartpad is officially integrated as a Brainpad’s feature.

All the information are available on the website. 

Video: Simplify industrial maintenance processes

JoinPad develops Augmented Reality.
Our goal is simplifying industrial processes through the most innovative interaction with your working environment.

JoinPad has the solution for those who must manage maintenance processes by providing direct support to the companies during the revision step, increasing speed and accuracy.

BrainPad is the software platform developed by JoinPad in order to simplify business processes through computer vision algorithms of environmental interaction.