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JoinPad @ SIEC 2015, Milan

It’s a pleasure to participate at SIEC’s event ( of this year, with the main focus on the Augmented Reality topic.

SIEC 2015 is the fourth edition of the annual event organised by SIEC – Systems Integration Experience Community and addressed to all the stakeholders of the Systems Integration industry: vendors, systems integrators, architects and designers, buyers (both Corporate and P.A.).


The event will be held at the East End Studios (Via Mecenate 90, Milano) on the 18th and 19th of November.

JoinPad will be present with its stand to let anyone interested try our last apps for smart glasses Epson Moverio.

In the afternoon of the 18th, Mauro Rubin, will also participate in the main conference with his speech about Augmented Reality and Wearable Device in the industrial field:


Augmented Reality e Wearable Device nel settore industriale 

Che cos’è la Realtà Aumentata? Cosa compone una buona applicazione in AR per Smart Glasses? Attraverso l’analisi di differenti case history, i partecipanti verranno guidati nel mondo della Realtà Aumentata; verranno illustrati la sua storia e alcuni esempi pratici per la comprensione di questa innovativa tecnologia, trattando principalmente l’impiego in campo industriale, con un focus particolare sull’innovazione portata dal context computing e dalle tecnologie wearable.

For more information: here.

On the 12th of November, JoinPad’s team will partecipate as tutors at the Italian edition of the World Usability Day in Turin.


The Augmented Reality Experience on Smart Glasses workshop will be held in the afternoon, around 2 pm until 4 pm.

Starting from its history and its definition, the workshop will introduce the world of Augmented Reality, with a complete explanation of what really means to work with it on smart glasses, a really innovative device. The main topic is the design of the user experience of a AR app for smart glasses: How can we design a good AR app for smart glasses? is the question we will try to answer with the workshop’s participant.


The WUD complete program and registration is available clicking on this link!


Download the WUD Turin flyer here.


See you in Turin!

By clicking on the following links, you can watch the last two webinars about Augmented Reality, realized by Infocomm, with Mauro Rubin as tutor.

After the quick registration you can watch the entire class (italian, one-hour-long) by online streaming.

You can also download on this page the two pdf presentations used by Mauro during the sessions.

Watch the webinar “La Realtà Aumentata per migliorare i processi industriali”

Download the presentation “La Realtà Aumentata per migliorare i processi industriali”

Watch the webinar “Realtà Aumentata e casi studio rilevanti nel settore industriale”

Download the presentation “Realtà Aumentata e casi studio rilevanti nel settore industriale”

Are you interested in Augmented Reality? Do you want to know more about this technology and how is changing the world?

Join our next free webinars! Clicking on the two buttons below, you can join the two classes that Joinpad’s Mauro Rubin will hold about the AR World:


7th October, 4 pm (language: Italian)

About Augmented Reality: software & hardware overview and trends today.
 In this video, the tutor Mauro Rubin will talk about the state of Augmented Reality today, provinding a complete description of this (not anymore) emerging technology. Starting from its history and its definition, the class will introduce the world of Augmented Reality, with a complete explanation of what really means to work with it; also, the talk will touch other essential concepts like the Internet oh Things and the Context Computing. The second part will include a thorough overview of the most advanced AR software available today. Finally, the last part will include a deep analysis of the compatible hardware now on the market, with a special focus on wearable devices such as the Epson Moverio BT-200 smart glasses. 


14th October, 4 pm (language: Italian)

Augmented Reality case histories.
In this second lesson, the tutor Mauro Rubin will analyse some of the most important use cases of Augmented Reality systems now available, especially in the industrial field. The power to “augment” the real world with digital contents represents a great medium to interact with complex environments, and a lot of companies are experimenting how to do it. That’s why now it’s a great time to develop AR solutions, as the world is full of opportunities for this technology to grow in different fields. Let’s first learn, throught this video, what are the fundamentals from the already operating realities.


To check the entire program or to know more about other webinar from Infocomm, click here!

It was on April of this year, in front of the Droidcon public, that we announced for the first time the newborn SDK developed by JoinPad, named Arrakis.

After few months, we presented the SDK worldwide at the Augmented World Expo in Silicon Valley, in its new and updated version, that included the essential Support Library module, the unique tool that allows to deploy any project realized with Arrakis on almost any device different from Moverio BT-200 smart glasses.


From its international announcement, Arrakis was downloaded from more than 15 different countries around the world.

Today we’re proud to announce the achievement of a new important goal for JoinPad’s team: Arrakis SDK is now available on the International Epson Developer Portal.


You can now download the SDK from this page, totally free, and create any innovative applications for Epson Moverio smart glasses!

After you download Arrakis, write to us to say what’s your project, or just your opinion about the tool: we will work to help you with the best support possible. You can also receive the invitation to some of our next webinars and workshops, where we analyze the world of Augmented Reality and wearable device and where we explain how to use Arrakis at its best.


During the Augmented World Expo 2015, an interview by Mark Piszczor (Google Project Tango) was realized for, where Nicolas Pezzarossa – Global Sales and Business Development for JoinPad – was asked to talk about our company and our brand new product, BrainPad 2.0 and Arrakis 1.0.1. Here’s the link to watch the entire interview.

During the most important global event dedicated to augmented reality, the Italian company presented the first simulator that allows you to see on smartphones and tablets applications developed for Epson Moverio SmartGlass.


Milan, 22nd June 2015 – JoinPad, the Italian company that develops augmented reality solutions for the industrial sector, introduced to the international audience at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) its new product Arrakis, the software development kits for creating applications the Moverio Epson SmartGlass, to which has been added an innovative support library that allows developers to simulate applications created with Arrakis on devices other than the Moverio. In this way, developers can create applications for the Epson SmartGlass and try them on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) without using the smartglasses.

Inside the support library, JoinPad has included some dedicated features developed specifically to allow the visualization of the functions exclusive to the Epson Moverio SmartGlass – such as stereoscopy or gyroscopes – during the test also on other devices, using an appropriate notification system. In this way, once completed the development on the mobile device, the programmer simply removes the support library and transfers the application to the Moverio to see it work properly.


In this way we contribute to the growth of the market for augmented reality

The new support library – explains Mauro Rubin, president of JoinPad and one of the first Epson Moverio Evangelist – is designed to allow those who are not in possession of the Smartglasses to create applications more easily. In this way we contribute to the growth of the market for augmented reality, simplifying as much as possible the work of developers who now can try out their project from any mobile device, supplying the confidence that, once transferred onto the Moverio, the functions will work properly without the need to rewrite the code. ”


BrainPad 2.0: the industrial Augmented Reality platform further improves the integrated functionalities


JoinPad presented at the Augmented World Expo also BrainPad 2.0, the new version of its platform for augmented reality dedicated to the industrial world in which various features have been improved. Thanks to this solution, companies can create tools that can transform integrated running processes into simple dynamical systems that can be connected in real-time to any device in the working environment, in order to share data and represent them in an intuitive way throughout the ongoing work process.

The platform is therefore able to perform different types of activities – for example maintenance processes of assets and installations and the management of relevant information; the real-time support to technicians on the field; support of work procedures – in an innovative and functional way, in addition to ensuring a higher level of safety. BrainPad is available in tailored and two standardized solutions: for maintenance and for logistics. These versions can be integrated with several modules to offer customized solutions.

“With this new version of BrainPad – says Rubin – companies can improve the quality and reduce the costs of maintenance, enhancing the integration of information on assets managed. The platform provides a cloud based infrastructure and works with all common devices, such as tablets, smartphones and Smartglasses as well as with web applications via a PC. ”


JoinPad’s vision of Augmented Reality

JoinPad’s augmented reality solution is primarily based on Epson’s Moverio SmartGlasses, chosen for their distinguishing capabilities such as binocular vision (with the possibility to manage perspective), the front camera, gyroscope, GPS, compass and the accelerometer. Thanks to these characteristics these glasses, that are based on Android and weigh only 88 grams, are able to accurately detect the surrounding environment and the movements of the wearer. With augmented reality applications people see inside the lens a series of information and functional choices related to the current work task, appearing superimposed on real world image seen by the eyes.

The Augmented World Expo 2015 has been held recently in Silicon Valley and attended by over 200 entities from around the world and is one of the most important global event on Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR), on wearable technologies and on the internet of things (IoT).



JoinPad (

JoinPad is active since 2010 in the field of industrial applications. The company develops and distributes solutions and consultancies targeted at simplifying business processes supplying customers innovative instruments to interact with the industrial environment. In 2011 JoinPad presented in Las Vegas (USA) the world’s first a wearable augmented reality solution based on smart glasses making use of machine vision algorithms for industrial diagnostics and maintenance processes. In 2013 SR LABS, leader in the field of eye tracking integration, entered the company as shareholder, creating one of the most important companies focused on computer vision. The unification of the two companies has allowed to further strengthen global partnerships with companies focused on last generation wearable devices, allowing Joinpad to supply highly competitive products and services based on the latest technologies. 

Media Contact:

JoinPad Srl.

Nicolas Pezzarossa

Tel.: +49  69  34 87 44 67


Directly from the Augmented World Expo 2015 in Santa Clara, JoinPad launched the new version of Arrakis – Arrakis 1.0.1 – the SDK for Epson Moverio smart glasses.

In this updated version of the SDK, the already presented features were upgraded; also, a big plus was added: the new module Arrakis – Support Library.

What makes this module so interesting for every developer is the chance to deploy any project realized with Arrakis on almost any device different from Moverio BT-200 smart glasses. Just including this library in the project makes possible to test it on a mobile phone or tablet, it’s no longer necessary to own a pair of Epson Moverio smart glasses to develop an AR application for wearable devices.

Finally, to make the project work on smart glasses you just need to remove the support library from it and deploy the application on the actual Moverio BT-200 device without changing any line of code.

The functions that require native smart glasses features, such as stereoscopy and gyroscope switch, are automatically inhibited: messages will be shown on the screen to notify when the features will be activated in the actual application.

Download the new Arrakis 1.0.1 pack from our website: 

meteo03 meteo02 meteo01 meteo05 meteo04

JoinPad’s team developed a Moverio’s new app for Epson Meteo exhibition in Venice, where the Acquae Pavillon is situated to celebrate Expo Venice.

Epson Meteo presented some data from a series of conferences about environmental changes due to important climatic agents: it was necessary to design an innovative and interactive way to enjoy the information.

Thanks to a simple and vivid interface, combined with Epson Moverio BT-200 smart glasses, Meteoglass shows interesting videos, infographics  and exclusive pictures about the consequences of two huge climatic events: the Columbia melting glacier and the Agno typhoon.


From the 8th to the 10th of June, JoinPad’s team will attend the Augmented World Expo 2015 in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, as speaker and exhibitor.

JoinPad will officially present its brand new version of Brainpad, the industrial Augmented Reality platform for the Energy sector.

The system uses AR and context computing algorithms and Artificial Intelligence functions in order to recognise the actual work situation and predict the user’s requirements in order to improve work performance and increase efficiency in industrial processes. Based on a concrete use case during the talk it will be shown how BrainPad had been interfaced with a network of sensors available on the field and how asset management and maintenance task information were visualized in the field of view of the worker in an industrial plant.

Brainpad is based on the cloud technology, which can connect different kind of devices, as tablets and smart glasses.

We will also present worldwide our Epson Moverio Smart Glasses SDK, Arrakis: through this new tool you can quickly develop applications for smart glasses, taking advantage of real stereoscopy.

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